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Jun 17, 2021 Initial



First of all, explore its architecture designs, such as ISA, virtual memory, virtualization support, devices, and so on. At the time of writing, RISC-V’s hypervisor extension has not been defined yet (hence not IOMMU as well).

  • ISA
  • VM
  • Virtualization
  • I/O, I/O MMU


This section discuss the boot flow and the firmware status. RISC-V has been ported to most of the major firmware and bootloaders, e.g., coreboot (first-stage-bootloader, prepare RAM), UEFI, U-Boot.

RISC-V has a cleaner design compared to X86. Rather than relying on messed up ACPI interfaces, it relys on a layer defined by SBI (an open-source implementation called OpenSBI). The OpenSBI layer sits in Machine-Mode, i.e., the most priviledged mode. It directly manages hardware and exposes standard APIs to upperlayer OS. For example, it exposed send_IPI, reset APIs. Hence, in Linux, it could simply call SBI to send IPI rather than implementing on its own and concerns about hardware details. I like this separation of concerns.


OpenSBI. This is the default firmware in QEMU for RISC-V. It replaces the old BBL. This one runs after ROM and coreboot (if any). This one will discover/probe hardware (I suppose). After that, it passes control to normal bootloaders like u-boot or GRUB, or just to linux kernel.

Code Study

  • firmware/fw_base.S is the entry point.
  • mostly doing the usual, setting up envionment for C functions. It will save some critical information into a struct passed to C.
  • In the end, it will call into C sbi_init(struct sbi_scratch *). Note the sbi_scratch structure is filled with crutial info by fw_base.S.
  • It seems every hart will do the same?
  • lib/sbi/sbi_init.c is the C entry point after assembly.

Reset: - See sbi_system.c and sbi_ipi.c. It looks like the reset is: send an IPI to target HART, which will then ran a sbi_ipi_process_halt handler to halt. - Is this warm or cold reboot? Or neither?


bash make V=1 CROSS_COMPILE=riscv64-linux-gnu- PLATFORM=generic FW_PAYLOAD_PATH=../linux/arch/riscv/boot/Image


Code in hw/riscv/, hw/intc/*_clint_*.



Last update: July 8, 2021


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