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Pcache Sweep

Some notes while coding pcache sweep thread. The sweep thread wants to detect the hotness of pages, and then adjust LRU list accordingly.

Data Worth a Billion

Pcache-reclaim, or any other object reclaim, need some data to algorithm about. So specific algorithm can select the best candidate to reclaim. In reality, algorithms are designed quite well, but how to get the data part becomes extremely hard. I think this applies to many different systems.

For example, to select the hot pages in x86 is notorious hard because x86 hardware only provides a Referenced bit for system software to reason about. To make it worse, Referenced bit is cached in TLB, which means CPU will NOT set the Referenced bit even you reset in PTE, because CPU think the bit is already set. In order to get an accurate hot pages tracking, you probably need a TLB flush after reset Referenced bit. But, are you kidding me, a TLB flush after each reset? We have to say NO here. The Linux code explains it well: c static inline int ptep_clear_flush_young(pte_t *ptep) { /* * On x86 CPUs, clearing the accessed bit without a TLB flush * doesn't cause data corruption. [ It could cause incorrect * page aging and the (mistaken) reclaim of hot pages, but the * chance of that should be relatively low. ] * * So as a performance optimization don't flush the TLB when * clearing the accessed bit, it will eventually be flushed by * a context switch or a VM operation anyway. [ In the rare * event of it not getting flushed for a long time the delay * shouldn't really matter because there's no real memory * pressure for swapout to react to. ] */ return ptep_test_and_clear_young(ptep); }


An aggressive sweep algorithm will disturb the normal operations a lot. In Lego, there 4 main factors that define the aggressiveness:

  • Time interval between each run
  • Number of sets to look at during each run
    • Skip if it is not full
    • Skip if it is under eviction
  • Number of lines to look at for each set
    • Smaller or equal to associativity
  • Number of lines to adjust for each set
    • Smaller or equal to lines to look at

Yizhou Shan
Created: Mar 18, 2018
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Last update: April 23, 2018


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