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Hi! I’m Yizhou Shan, a PhD student at UCSD. advised by Prof. Yiying Zhang. I work at Yes, the Monkey King Lab. The best way to reach me is email: []. My CV.

I keep some random technical notes about implementation, papers, ideas in this blog. Feel free to reach out and discuss.

What’s up

  • [Sep 2019] Moved to UCSD.
  • [May 2019] Intern at VMware Research, with Marcos K. Aguilera
  • [Apr 2019] Storm accpeted to SYSTOR‘19. Awarded Best Paper.
  • [Jan 2019] Short paper on Disaggregated Persistent Memory accpeted to NVMW‘19
  • [Jul 2018] LegoOS accepted to OSDI‘18. Awarded Best Paper.
  • [May 2018] Intern at VMware Research, with Stanko Novakovic.


My research interests span Operating System, Distributed Systems, and Computer Architecture. I like hardcore hacking.

  • [WIP]: Virtualization and OS in FPGA.
  • [WIP]: Disaggregated Datacenter FPGA.
  • [WIP]: Optimize Page Faults.